ChatGPT - no answer !

20240612 I asked a question about my research to ChatGPT and I waited a whole night for an answer. No answer! The next day, I insisted and received the answer that he doesn't know how to respond. I am surprise!      


Research Social Networks 20240508 a) It is an open portal that allows researchers from around the world to share articles and scientific studies. b) It is a free social network, founded in 2008, aimed at integrating scientists and researchers from all over the world.    Prof. Stenio Musich @mathematicsmus (x)


Library of Congress Control Number: 2024909353 20240508 Today, I received the registration number at the Library of Congress - The United States of America. My number is: Library of Congress Control Number: 2024909353 Prof. Stenio Musich   @mathematicsmus (x)  

Certificate of Registration - TXu 2-422-790

United States - Copyright Office   Certificate of Registration - TXu 2-422-790 Book: MUS - Mathematimus - Hyperelliptical Geometry Effective Date of Registration: March 25, 2024. Registration Decision Date:     April 09, 2024.  Prof. Dr. Stenio Musich


Dear scientists, researchers and interested parties. I publish the research as is, as I do not want knowledge to be lost.  My book: MUS - Mathematimus - Hyperelliptical Geometry. ISBN-978-65-00-98107-0 Link below:   Regards Prof. Stenio Musich.

Donate (Doar) via Pix - Prof. Stenio Musich

Donate (Doar) via Pix - Thank you. Prof. Stenio Musich.  


202301180720 A new number is emerging:  M.U.S.  <  3.14159 Research in progress. I look forward to support to speed up the calculations.

New Number Pi (M.U.S.)

São Paulo, 15 January 2023 The number Pi that we use in mathematics was calculated incorrectly and for this reason, this number appears as an irrational number. The new number that I named as M.U.S. it is not a transcendental number. This statement comes after 14 years of research, which is still ongoing. Source:

MathJax Code Test

MathJax Code Test Inclusion of codes to use MathJax in Blogger. $$\frac{\frac{a}{x-y} + \frac{b}{x+y}}{1 + \frac{a-b}{a+b}}$$  \begin{equation} \Huge \frac{\frac{a}{x-y} + \frac{b}{x+y}} {1 + \frac{a-b}{a+b}} \end{equation}

Twitter - 2010

Dear Users I present to you a new means of professional contact, , at the following address:   I joined this social network since 2010. Thank you Prof. Stenio Musich


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